Meet the CHUGGS

Kegan James

I somehow rounded up this crazy crew of humans to being with. Designated dad of the chuggs. I'm a wonderful host and always have great snacks. Secret fact, I have a tramp stamp tattoo. 

M.C. Huff

Hmmm....I wonder who is writing all of these bios...

Andre Datyelian

I left the chugga sleepover early and I'm now on chugga probation. I owe each of my fellow chuggs $200 for being a party pooper. 

Kate Pennington

T-Swifty for lifeeeeeeeeee. My dog Stella loves ChuggaChugga practice. I am the queen of khaki pants.

Jordy Martin

Don't let me engineer button up golf shirts fool you, I am a certified goofball with my fellow chuggs. Hydration is very important, big proponent of big water bottles.  

Mattia Day

I can bike faster than you can drive. I don't fuck with eating meat. I have the voice of an angel and I'm the queen of kareoke. 

Simon Hollands

Most intersting man in the world. I surf in negative 20 degrees, what about you? Oh yeah, and I'm a DOCTOR.

Ashlei Theard

5 YEARS IN THE FUTURE: "Am I still considered new?"